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Using the technique of a 1-color stroke design creates a monoline, minimalist, art decoration primarily created from a vector program Adobe Illustrator, XD. I like the simplicity and stroke width options you can apply which tells a story without over complicating art.

These are my most recent works of line art collection. Also available at my Etsy shop here.

never stop dreaming monoline illustration art

Never Stop Dreaming you Beautiful Dreamer – 8×10 – $3.95


once upon a time fairytale monoline illustration art

Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Far Away – 8×10 – $3.95

lighthouse monoline illustration art

Let the Light Show you the Way – 8×10 – $3.95


outerspace digital print monoline illustration art

We Are All in the Same Universe – 8×10 – $3.95


adventure seeker monoline illustration art

Seeking Adventure is What I Do – 8×10 – $3.95

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