One of my favorite design trends is wireframe line art. You’ll see this throughout some of my designs that incorporate this simple yet dynamic look. It works well for prototype, engineering, futuristic and perspective design. I don’t want this to be confused with monoline art. They are similar but monoline uses simple line strokes that can be used for various mediums such as web, digital, editorial, icons, etc. Wireframe is a term often used for prototyping website or mobile mockups ‘However’ it is also an art form. Using abstract shapes, geometric, waves, grid lines, and even perspective grids. From the samples below…you’ll see various forms of wireframe designs.


Wireframe Line Art

wireframe geometric shapes



Wireframe Retro

Here is an example of a futuristic and retro style that uses synthwave, 80s, and 3D perspective all in one. Retro design distinguishes itself by use of colors. Bright neon with a 3d landscape using gradient mesh mountain lines makes this easy on the eyes and a sure fire way to call this wireframe art.

wireframe retro art
Credit: DeviantArt



Wireframe Industrial

Ok, ok..this one isn’t as exciting but i’m trying to make a point here. Although, this type of design is used more for industrial engineering purposes, I also see this as art. It is not as easy as most people think that just because it’s one color with lines, that this comes off too simple.

wireframe industrial



Wireframe Geometric

Here is a great example of using geometric shapes mixing wireframe art with abstract objects. Even applying texture variables works well in this use. I like the use of black and white with a pop of color. You can use this in posters, cover art, product packaging, branding and digital design.

wireframe geometric
Credit: DesignCuts



Wireframe Technology

This one can overlap with futuristic but I tend to define this as more of a modern, electronics, and techy feel to it. It mainstreams the masses as a visual interpretation into the future. You see this type of design used a lot in NFT’s, bitcoin, blockchain, etc.

wireframe technology
Credit: Andrush

What are your thoughts on these wireframe styles? Do you have a favorite? If you have examples that you like and want to share then feel free to comment below or message me.


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